Tuesday, December 29, 2009

UWB 1974 concert recording links

Uncle Walt's Band concert, in three parts. Recorded at Tillman Hall in Clemson SC in 1974.

UWB concert part 1
UWB concert part 2
UWB concert part 3

David Ezell opened the show and at one time I had a tape of his performance as well. I hear a recording of his part of the show may still exist...I'd like to get my hands on it to include here.

This Uncle Walt's Band recording was made by my brother David Bethany who was running the sound for the show. I believe I still have a 1st gen copy the original 1/4" reel to reel tape. The original tape was lost in Hurricane Hugo in Charleston SC.

For those in or near the Atlanta Area, David Ball will be performing at Smith's Olde Bar April 22. Here's a link to the calendar:


I don't get out much and I'm planning on being there!

- Peter Bethany


  1. For those in or near the Atlanta Area, David Ball will be performing at Smith's Olde Bar April 22. Here's a link to the calendar:


    I don't get out much and I'm planning on being there!

  2. I am Champ Hood's brother. Thanks so much sharing this recording.

  3. This is Tommy Goldsmith, a former bandmate of Walter and Champ in the Contenders. I agree with Robin -- it's great to have this wonderful music available. Just FYI, I wrote the song "Amethyst" that Walter sings as a solo. It's a thrill to hear him sing it again, as I have not had a recorded version.
    So many great songs here. Some, like "Beauty in the Flesh," I haven't heard in years.

    1. Tommy,
      Like you I am delighted to run across this post. I have always loved "Amethyst". I was recently talking with some friends about your song in particular. We were all sad no recording seemed to exist (mainly because we all wanted cover it. We are all musicians). UWB inspired me to become a picker. Again many thanks for "Amethyst"

  4. I am Walter Hyatt's brother, George. I didn't get to attend this concert, and it is wonderful, amazing, and dazzling to get to hear it now!

    Thank you for sharing this rare recording with the world. Those guys were cool, weren't they?

  5. George, I'm glad you and others found this page. I was at this concert and yes, those guys were cool, engaging and truly unique.

  6. Hi, I got to know Champ & Walter somewhat when they were in the Contenders. Grew up in Raleigh & knew Tommy & Runk. Thanks for music.

    Btw, Tom Bryan has a pile of live Contenders recordings & other greats from that era (Dave Onley, Gold & Olney, pre-Diamond Studs Wann/Simpson); recorded at the Cats Cradle, Deja View, Pier, etc. I bugged him in 2007 when back in Raleigh about digitizing the tapes and putting them on the net & encourage others that know him to do the same. Even offered to assist with digitizing and cleanup.

  7. Thank you so much for posting this. I and my family knew Walter, David, and Champ from very early on. Walter read me "Bambi" as a bedtime story at a house party in Darlington SC around 1970 and they always stayed in touch there-after. Hearing as full concert of them again is a huge gift.


    1. Hi Mike. Russ Jordan here, originally from Darlington. Was that house concert at Willie Ervin's house?

    2. Hi Russ-
      This is Warry Williams. How the heck are you doing?
      This was recorded at Clemson in 1974. A friend had a copy, but lost it while moving to Germany. Who is Mike?

  8. I have a live audio cassette recording of UWB that was recorded November 2, 1990 at Dawg Gone's in Spartanburg, SC. Dawg Gone's was a small pub/restaurant that had lots of great talent from all over the upstate playing there. Jam nights was especially great, because you never knew who might show up. David Ezell was also a regular, as well as Matthew Knights (Matthew Knight Williams), Rob Crosby, Rick E. & Ronnie Godfrey, Franklin Wilke (Ronnie & Franklin was in the Marshall Tucker Band for a few years), and many more great musicians. t was a unique place to work.

  9. I am so thrilled always to hear Uncle Walts Band ! i heard them play many times to a packed house at Myskins in Charleston and now 35 years later my grown children listen to their music . Walter and Champ were gone too soon, David will keep it goin .

  10. Thanks, Peter, from an old UWB fan from Nashville. Excellent.

  11. Peter, thank you so much for keeping this great music alive. I'd like to personally invite all of you out to Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta on Apr 22. It has been a special time for David, since Lyle Lovett cut "Don't You Think I Feel It Too." For the first time, David will be performing that, and maybe even some other Uncle Walt classics.
    Look forward to seeing everyone out there.

    Scott Metko
    David Ball's drummer

  12. I use to see them in Charleston SC and then ocassionally in Ft. Worth, Texas in a pub across the street from Texas Christian University (TCU) 1980-85. Anybody know the chords from Too Far To Fall. I use to know it but lost it.

    1. contact Marshall Hood in Austin Texas....he knows it all

  13. Many memories flooded my mind while listening to this great recording. The first Time I heard UWB was in Spartanburg, SC at the Amvets club later became Hooley's, below the now demolished Franklin Hotel. I was hooked from the beginning.
    I saw them every chance I got and heard incredible music from these extremely talented fellows. I still have an LP of what I believe to be their first recording at Arthur Smith Studios in Charlotte. Since then I've seeked out every recording I could find of the group and solo projects, Walter & Champ with the Contenders, and Champ with the Threadgill's Supper Club recordings (which also has Walter doing a few numbers on his birthday.
    Thanks for posting this incredible performance!
    Steve Skinner

  14. From an old fan of Uncle Walt's Band and The Contenders. Thanks so much. This is just an amazing recording. In many ways, I like it more than their records. Linda Bryant

  15. I just found this recording today and listened to it all, alternately laughing, crying, and being amazed all over again at the wonderful musicianship and personality that these guys had. I used to go see them every Friday and Saturday night when they were the house band at the Waterloo Icehouse in Austin. I've seen them WAY more than any other bands I've ever seen. They never disappointed or failed to entertain to the maximum. There is nobody else around like them. Thanks a million for sharing this extremely cool and evocative recording.

  16. David Ball live at Smith's Olde Bar tomorrow night! New music off his Sparkle City disc, some hits, and a couple of Uncle Walt's Band numbers...

  17. Wow! I was there. Wonderful music. Great time. Loved UWB. Was friends with your brother when he and Bill Kossler's sister (Jane?) sang at the Clemson Underground in the old 'Y'. Bill and I brought the Paul Winter Consort to Tillman shortly after this. Thanks for sharing Peter! Does your brother David still play? Great musician. Loved the Killer Whales.

  18. WOW!!!

    This is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you SO MUCH for posting it!

    I found this page by Googling "The DesChamps Band" (and, then, stumbling on your YouTube Vids).

    Isn't that just kind of the way things go with Ezell? I have absolutely no Audio record of his amazing legacy (although I understand that he has finally released a CD that I need to get my hands on). Does David have any recordings of the two of them playing?

    I believe that I may have a recording of a few songs that he played at his own "Benefit Show" a few years ago, but they're on a disc in a box someplace. I'll shoot 'em to you if I ever run across 'em.

    Please tell David that "Joe College" says "Hi"!

  19. Holy frickin frack! Very cool, thanks so much for posting. God bless the Internets.

  20. Thank you Thank you! Tommy, it was great to meet you after Runk passed. I have such a huge place in my heart for this music, UWB, and the Contenders--especially Steve. The night I met Steve, he, Dave Olney, and I spent the entire night driving around the Texas Hill Country in my '67 Mustang. I will never forget that era--it was magic.

  21. Here's a partial set list for the concert. If anyway can fill in gaps on song titles and composers, I'd be grateful. Also, does anyone happen to know if David Ball wrote these two songs from the "Live" (1982) Lp: "Bye Bye Baby" & "I'm By Your Side"? Thanks again to Mr. Bethany for posting this show.


    Set List

    1. Katie Dear (trad.)
    2. Seat of Logic (Champ Hood)
    3. ?? Billy Goat something ??
    4. ??
    5. Can't You Hear Me Calling (Bill Monroe)
    6. ??
    7. Someday (?? Walter Hyatt ??)
    8. The Spittoon (Champ Hood)
    9. Don't You Think I Feel It Too (David Ball)
    10. In the Night (Professor Longhair)
    11. Beauty in the Flesh (?? David Ball ??)
    12. Aloha (Walter Hyatt)
    13. Amethyst (Tommy Goldsmith)
    14. ?? classical piece (a la Bach) ??
    15. Brisk Young Widow (trad.)
    16. Under the Boardwalk (Kenny Young and Arthur Resnick)
    17. As the Crow Flies (Walter Hyatt)
    18. Dish Wiped Clean (David Ball)
    19. Sitting on Top of the World (Walter Vinson and Lonnie Chatmon)
    20. Undecided (Charlie Shavers; arr. Django Reinhardt)

    1. 3. Billy Goes A Hoppin
      4. Its Hard
      5. Sweet Heart of Mine
      6. Every Road I Pass (Champ Hood)
      7. Someday (Getaway) Hyatt, Hood, Ball
      11. Queens's in the Race
      14. Classical Piece (Champ Hood)

      per Champ's brother

  22. p.s. re: set list above, I left out one more tune unknown to me that they play between "As the Crow Flies" and "Dish Wiped Clean." Cheers.

  23. Thanks for this set. Say hello to Chris Volion at your work for me, he's a friend from way back to elementary school!

  24. Thank you thank you Thank You a hundred times for posting this. I am a devotee from Austin days. I swear, these guys were angels from heaven. NO music touches me like Champs, Walter and David singin and playin.

    Phil Ralston, Atlanta

  25. Can you update the links?, they are no longer working. THANKS!